Sunday, May 22, 2005

How did I do?

My team didn't do so hot, as we gave those Chuck Wagon kids the thrill of a lifetime in pool play, and bolstered Twisted Metal's confidence immensely. Oy. But enough about them. How did I do? Did I meet my goals?

1. Beat DoG #1. No, although we didn't play them, although I'm reasonably confident that we would have lost if we had.
2. Don't get hurt. Check, although my leg started knotting up on the ride home since my wife wanted to get home before the boy woke up so we left right after the game and didn't stop. It's ok now, thanks. I was asked this weekend how I've been able to avoid injuries. I said that it was good genes and knowing when not to push it. But I should have also added that I generally got in shape by playing sports. Weight training is good, and I should have done more of it, but it can lead to unbalanced bodies, and maybe it is done at the expense of playing and getting in shape and developing your sports mind. And I played a lot of ultimate. There's nothing like 100 good cuts in a weekend to get you in shape.
3. Show some heart. Some, yes. I didn't rally the troops, and I could have played harder, but I was trying and didn't give in and even played a hell point hard all the way through.
4. Work hard on defense at least 3 or 4 times. Yes and no. I generally tried to play hard almost all the time this weekend, but my mind and legs were often far enough behind that I turnstiled a lot. There were a couple points in the semis loss that I thought I was going to get a block or force a throwaway.
5. Make good choices. Mostly, although I buried my face in my hands after one (which came back on a contested strip of foul). I caught a swing pass and was expecting a continuation, but got a 30 yard cut straight to the sideline in the endzone, and I threw a curving forehand there that hung long enough to draw a play. I don't remember cringing at any others.
6. Look on the bright side. Not too good, but that was never my strong point, either. But it generally took the form of saying "Why?!!!" on the sideline when something didn't go as I thought it should have.

Props to the guy who didn't contest a marking foul when he knocked me over. Earlier, he hit my hand and arm hard enough on a high count breakmark dump that I couldn't even get the throw off, and he contested.


Wicks said...

So who won the tourney? How did the real DoG team do?

parinella said...

What does it really matter who wins or loses? I really think they should just stop keeping score and let the two teams decide between themselves which team deserves to advance (as if one team is somehow more deserving).

Wicks said...

So I can translate that to "the other DoG team won", right?

parinella said...

Not exactly. The UPA score reporter says that Twisted Metal beat the other DoG guys 15-11 in the finals.

Marshall said...

Not bad, right? I mean, TMU is the fourth-ranked team in the country right now...