Friday, February 26, 2010

HoF -- what next?

If you still want to comment on the viability of any of last year's candidates, go to the previous thread. There were so many comments, and some of them were just the same vitriol (I promise to delete any post that I feel detracts from the thread; you can disagree with me, just don't be a boor), that some felt it wasn't worthwhile to add their comments.

How would you like to see the HoF process change?
SCALE: What do you think of the concept of a voter giving a number for each category and adding them up? How would you structure such a scale?
TRANSPARENCY: Consider the ramifications of your suggestion, but what level of public display should the votes and discussions have? The selection process is public (though not too many appear to know all the steps) but all votes and vote totals are hidden. Should the Peer Review totals be publicized? Peer Review voters?
MONEY: This receives zero funding from the UPA and receives little or no effort from paid staff of the UPA. Should staff be involved in this?
VOTERS: In the first year, a small group that came up with the idea made the elections. Afterwards, there was an appointed committee (the Vetting Subcommittee, the ones who do the grunt work) plus all HoF members who cast the final votes. What would be a viable alternative?

Comments welcome.

Friday, February 19, 2010

hall of fame discussion is still going strong on previous thread


If you have a new topic to discuss related to the HoF selection process, enter it on this entry. Or please go to the last one to comment there.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hall of Fame discussion

Open board to discuss the Hall of Fame. Toad, you are welcome to add new thoughts, but you have made your point known, and so will be deleted if you don't cooperate.

To the rest of you, one topic as originally framed by Jacob on rsd is of particular note. I'll repost it from the previous post:
1) Should the leader of the best team of all time be excluded (even
temporarily) from the hall of fame if he demonstrated poor enough
2) If the answer to question # 1 is "yes," then was Kenny Dobyns' sotg
poor enough to warrant exclusion? "

Other topics are also welcome.