Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Someone from conversent.net was just the 1000th official visitor to this blog, narrowly beating out someone from umich.edu, merck.com, and 12.104.27.#. Thanks for your support.


Idris said...

1000 visits or 1000 unique visits, or do you track such things?

Seems like its time for Google AdSense and start cashing in your new found fame.

How about a permanent link to Ultimate T's and T's

parinella said...

Visits. There have been over 2000 page views, artificially bolstered by the Read More.

"New found"? "Fame"? Well, I guess I should use AdSense, then donate the proceeds to something like buying more books.

I've been meaning to add a link, but never remember at the right time. I'll do that now.

parinella said...

And if you're interested, click on the Sitemeter button at the bottom of the page to see site traffic data.

Alex de Frondeville said...

Generally, Jim's blog is getting significantly more traffic than mine, but I would expect that with his name recognition, and the fact that he such whitebread...

To compare sites

Jim's stats


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