Friday, May 20, 2005

Goals for the weekend

I'm playing in the White Mountain Open this weekend with DoG #2, apparently (just a number, I'm assured).

Goals for the weekend:
1. Beat DoG #1 (or "Death or Glory" as they're calling themselves, the arrogant pricks).
2. Don't get hurt.
3. Show some heart.
4. Work hard on defense at least 3 or 4 times.
5. Make good choices.
6. Look on the bright side.


luke said...

you have open tournaments?
in the SPRING?

Is it within a prions length of boston, or must one fly to this 'white mountain'. Isn't that where the tripods hung out? (childhood scifi).

Marshall said...

Jimmy - It didn't take you too long to put those in priority order, did it? As I recall, last year my half of DoG found shellacking a very tired, short-handed NYNY team in the finals much less satisfying than winning a competitive game against the other DoG team in the semi's. It occurs to me that split-DoG teams have met in the semi's a few times. This time, at least make it the finals, would ya?

Luke - It's at Dartmouth in New Hampshire. A relatively easy couple-hour drive.

Alex de Frondeville said...

Luke, genius reference on the John Christoper series White Mountains, City of GOld and Lead, and Pool of Fire. Ahhh, the Masters. How that brings me back.

Barrett said...

JP, re: #6. Look on the bright side

Hanover, NH weekend weather:
58°F (14°C) | 43°F (6°C) SHOWERS
53°F (12°C) | 41°F (5°C) SHOWERS

I don't bust my ass
doing wind sprints in the cold and rain because I want to be
accepted in a friendly community.

** happy side note, this is from Google's #1 entry for "testosterone man sprints rain" (0.39 seconds)