Monday, May 09, 2005

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Friday's post is drawing a lot of comments, so I'm going to hold off on publishing the next installment in "trends" to give it some more time. Alex practically ruined his thread on Coed by posting too quickly and confusing his limited readership.

And ignore the Read More! below, since I don't know how to get rid of it.

As a teaser, here are three trends that didn't happen: Masters, Sponsorship, Officiating.


luke said...

women's masters really took off.
i would contend that 'officiating' is happening, albeit incrementally... we played a goto game at regionals w/ on field observing, and it went great. it's a fact of college series play...

i do like the idea of a 'refs pool' but with this idea... you have to put up names for a 'ref pool' for byes. but only if either team in the game requests refs does the ref get brought in... AND each team makes a ref deposit, both teams pay, say $15-20/game/ref... refund of unused $... so if you really are just a bunch of cheaters, the tournaments cost you more.

dix said...

Didn't DoG win Masters Nationals in 98 or so?

parinella said...

Didn't DoG win Masters Nationals in 98 or so?
I believe the tournament was called Open Nationals.

Masters-eligible players in 1998:
Mooney, Lenny, John Bar, Greff, Corky, Bim, Seeger, Jordan, Jim, Bill, Ted

"Old" and "young" players by year:
Year >= 33 <=25
1994 2 2
1995 5 4
1996 6 2
1997 9 2
1998 11 1
1999 10 8
2000 11 5
2001 8 7
2002 6 7
2003 8 7
2004 4 5

Years played as Masters-eligible:
Mooney, Greff, Jim, and Bill tied with 7. Mooney wins the tie-breaker with 3-5 pre-DoG years being Masters-eligible (they changed the age requirement, don't feel like researching it further).

Years as "young": Doug, Forch, and Moses tied with 4.

Years without being "old": Cameros with 8.

parinella said...

Mean age by year:
29.5, 29.2, 30.5, 31.7, (1998) 32.3, 30.3, 31.3, 29.8, 29.0, 29.4, 28.6

Justin R said...

I love the Read More button. Don't get rid of it.