Tuesday, April 12, 2005

golf in scotland

Before Worlds in 1999, Jordan Haskell and I spent a week golfing some of Scotland's great courses. In truth, this was the main reason I was going to Worlds; I had already seen it, done it, many times, and I wasn't really expecting us to do so well. It turns out we did ok, but even still, the golf still stands out in my memories more.

See here for the full description. But some highlights:
1. Turnberry. A five-star hotel. Jordan and I played snooker and drank Guinness. The course was great, too, and we had our first of many duels, climaxing in a thrilling 18th hole with a few heroic shots.
2. 3 day pass at St. Andrews, playing 45, 54, and 18 holes each day, eating a meal and drinking a Guinness in between rounds.
3. Playing the Old Course with an anal Princeton guy and getting our asses kicked by a girl.
4. Carnage at Carnoustie. If only I could have taken a mulligan.

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