Monday, March 28, 2005

tip of the week: Socks

Ok, this is an attempt to revive the old Tip of the Week. I might have to pull stuff out of the book eventually, but for now, I'll try to do new stuff.

This week's tip: don't skimp on socks at tournaments.

One approach is the Paul Greff method. Paul would just buy a new bag of basic white cotton socks for each tournament, put on a fresh pair each game, and throw out the old ones (being the icon he is, he probably could have made some money selling them off on ebay). The more budget-minded can recycle them, so why not just bring 6 or 8 pairs of socks to a tournament?

The other approach is to buy some SmartWool or other expensive high-tech socks, and use them only for tournaments. Make sure, though, that if you use the same cleats for both practice and tournaments, that you don't have thick socks for play and thin socks for practice, since your cleats won't fit right.

Another recommendation if you take this route is to bring practice cleats (and socks) to the tournament and use them to warm up. I do this at Nationals in Sarasota every year, when the morning dew will drench your feet before you even play a point.


Jon said...

I've had really good experiences with wrightsocks. I often got blisters before switching, but never since. They're a little on the pricey side, but worth it in my opinion.

I definitely can't afford a extra pair of cleats though...

parinella said...

I definitely can't afford a extra pair of cleats though...
But don't you have an old pair? Unless you wear a pair until they blow out, why don't you just pack them too?

Barrett said...

Once you reach Jim's age, you should have a good 6 or 7 pairs to choose from (assuming a few of those have been comped :) )

I'm only 7/8 as old and generally have ~4 pair in my bag: hard field, medium, soft field, and screw-ins in case of mud or very plush fields (I've never actually gotten to wear these at Nationals in 'Sota). I'll wear the pair that's easiest on my feet while warming up, then choose best traction for the game.

Also, have extra shoelaces.