Thursday, March 24, 2005

"I'm sorry I was drunk"

There is a thread on rsd today that brought back the memories.
During a game, a player with the disc wants another one to cut, so he calls out that player's girlfriend's name, but two players cut. The non-boyfriend then yells, "I'm sorry, I was drunk!" Some alert reader recognized this as a bastardization of a story I told ten years ago. But my story itself was a bastardization of what really happened.

It was honest enough. Dennis calls out "Ann", but two of us were dating (different) girls named Ann (it's a common enough name, after all), and we both cut. It was only at the party that night when Dennis added the "I was drunk" part to make it a good story, and then I changed it on rsd to make it more personal. Funny thing is, the next year (this must have been the magical year of 1994), we were having fun at a spring tournament, and Dennis calls out "Hella", Scott Goodrich's wife. Remembering the laughs at the party, I cut anyway and did in fact say, "I'm sorry, I was drunk."

The other notable thing about this item is that THIS is where I started my strategy talks, and only because I was prompted to, and only in an offhand way. The original thread was started by a guy in Philly who was forwarding a request from a teammate.
"The second thing i am interested in is if there is archived material on offensive/goal line strategies - I know the subject came up about a month ago, but the responses seemed vague and generalized. It would be great if, say, big Jim Parinella of Big Bro could make a detailed posting on the subject - I am sure he could suggest drills and strategies without giving away 'team secrets.' He might even get the benefit of good feelings about him from the ;)"
Some of you might not know this now, but I burst onto rsd as the hated "Testosterone Man" who called people "thin-skinned, self-righteous whiners" and "computer geeks." This was the start of my transformation. So, Brian Canniff and John Rice (who I ran into at the YMCA in Woburn five years later), thanks.


Alex de Frondeville said...

The world is over now that Parinella has discovered blogging... Jim, can you create a wiki for your ultimate book?


parinella said... is already an ultimate wiki.

Boy, I am on the blogosphere for 3 hours, telling only one person, and it's on rsd.


dix said...

Jim, you've been blogging for years, you just never knew it.

parinella said...

Ok, I've been drinking, so excuse me, but I have two more stories.

Once, Dennis wanted a certain person to cut, so he yells out, "Bisexual!" Nothing. After a second, he yells, "Alex, that's your cut!"

The other story is, a guy on the team was getting married soon, but wasn't in one point, so we talked on the line about what to do. So, after a call, the thrower yells out the sideline guy's fiancee's name, and everyone cuts at once.