Thursday, March 31, 2005

Greatest meaningless victories

It's funny, I've been part of some big victories, but sometimes it's the little ones that I remember most fondly. I can remember one ten-pull in practice where not only did we go 10 for 10 against the zone, but we were deliberately making it harder for ourselves one or two points by doing the dump-swing. Why this might rank as one of my fondest memories, I just don't know.

Anyway, today's list:
1. 1998 Corporate League finals, Tech over Brownian Motion, as reported on rsd. Brown had 7 players who had just competed the week before at the real Worlds, versus our measly 4, plus half our team was drunk.
2 and 2a. Earth Atomizer over "Titanic" at Wellesley, 1990. We beat them once in a scrimmage to 21, then again a few weeks later in a seeding game. It was too dark at Regionals to play the 2-3 game, so we did it the following week and beat them for the #2 spot. In one sense it wasn't meaningless, but the mean old seeding folks at the UPA rendered it so by putting us 9th out of 12 and giving us the #1 and #2 seeds to start the tournament.
3. 1986 Pittsburgh Summer League, Throbbers over Jerkbrains. Except for the drunk part, this is similar to #1. One team was a working-class team, the other an elite bunch of club-playin' snobs (somehow, I am making myself out to be a symbol of the oppressed Everyman; don't worry, I see the hypocrisy). Jumpin' Joe Enck videotaped the game. We took stats that year, too, and I did a writeup on each game, complete with "Throbber Notes."
4. 1998 Hingham, Tea Party over Elwood Hound. We had DoG practice at the site (Milton Academy, home of the recent oral sex scandal) first so some of us could double-dip that day.

I'm sure I could sneak in an O crushing the D (but which one, there were so many) scrimmage or another summer league game or a Turkey Bowl victory, but I'll let you pick your favorite Jim Parinella victory.

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