Wednesday, February 01, 2006

kid picture

 This is one of my favorite pictures of my son, taken when he was about six months old (he's 2 1/2 now) starting to eat solid foods. He does much better now.
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Alex de Frondeville said...

I hope you gave him a bath after that. Forehead looks sort of dirty, neh?

Anonymous said...

I see that you've been too busy thinking about yourself to have spent enough time with your kid some time in the past two years and take a picture.

What is it, now that you're over the hill you need to work twice as hard to maintain your spot on DoG?

Anyway, I'm sure Jackie is making sure the kid grows up to be a fine person.

Kevin Rodriguez

parinella said...

Hey, Rodriguez, you still at FAA? Drop me a line at, since I've lost your address or it's buried on some old computer at home.