Sunday, October 09, 2005

why not us?

I got a nasty inflammatory* email this week from a NW booster implying that the rest of the country might as well not show up at Sarasota for Nationals**. At first I was inclined to agree with him, looking at the fearsome results of NW Regionals with all that firepower. But I looked again, and I saw a bunch of teams that can be beat.

They all lost a game, and were close to losing a couple more, and not just to each other, too, but to non-qualifiers like Kaos and Rhino. And you know what? We beat Kaos. We beat Rhino. We even beat Furious. And while we lost to those teams, too, when I skulked off the field, it was more with disappointment in ourselves than with fear of our opponents.

And even though all of rsd left us for dead and all of rsd thinks we're shit and even my fellow blogger Luke badmouths our web site, we won our Region (unofficially victory #100 for me) and played well. To be honest, we should be seeded somewhere around 7 or 8, but for the first time ever, I say, to heck with seeding. We'll see you in the oppressive heat.

We got some players.

* - Actually, all he said was, “Good luck! Doesn’t the NW look tough? But we both knew what he was trying to say.

**- I’ve decided to stop using “Champies” even though it’s funny because I fear that it’s catching on. But I still will buck the UPA and use its old name rather than “UPAs” or “The Championship Series.”


IdaHO said...

don't sell your team so short.
the underground betting community has you higher in the bracket and scoring more points than you think.


luke said...

way to turn the fact that i badmouthed your website (which, unless doug has gotten busy recently, well, is kind of craptacular)... into a motivational moment for the team...

come on boys, are you hearing how they don't respect us!! they said our content is outdated!


an aside, after seeing what the upa editors did to my 'preview', i may just forgo writing them, and let the upa just have the rights to my name. it's the same net effect...

parinella said...

Last bit of respect from the masses: 2002
Last Web site update: 2001
Last major playbook update: 1994

I know what you're doing, you Sockeye fans. It isn't enough for you to have your own "Website", but you have to try to take over the DoGosphere. I see right through you. Pathetic, and tragic, too.

Anonymous said...

Do you feel differently now that the NW teams have gone through Nationals with nary a loss to any teams outside the region? Three total losses: FG to Sockeye, Jam to FG, FG to Sockeye. Kinda like regionals. And most non-region games weren't close.

I'm not trying to nanny-nanny boo-boo you, I just don't see this dominance changing any time soon, as the NW will continue to be very good. Sure, Kaos or Rhino will get the 4th spot next year, probably not make quarters, finish 9th or 11th, and consequently lose the 4th bid. Then the big 3 will return, earn the bid back and repeat. Am I wrong? I suppose time will tell, but really?

Oh, and thanks for beating Bravo. Best team ever, to never make semis? Funny, in a sardonic way.