Tuesday, September 27, 2005

rules of the blog

Welcome, rec.sport.disc readers. Word of our little world has spread to the unwashed masses, it appears.

Here are the rules:
  1. Be nice. This isn’t rsd.
  2. Respect ownership. Although the Internet is public and this is all free, it’s still my blog, so please realize that you’re a guest.
  3. Comment only if you’re really adding something to the discussion. Don’t make pithy comments, unless you’re already in the circle or if you’re one of our good friends.
  4. If you have suggestions for topics, send them on. But you can also check the archives, too.

That is all.


Idris said...

First Post! Yeah!

luke said...

yes, it seems jim actually got the first non self referential post to r.s.d... but in the MODERN era...

scoop said...

I may be violating the rules but... unwashed masses? I resemble that remark.

becker said...

Spirit of the Blog?

Marshall said...

Not the worst advice for use of r.s.d., either, come to think of it.