Friday, August 05, 2005

Why does everyone on rsd think we suck?

Theodore Hex authored a preview of the Colorado Cup on rsd.

He wouldn't be surprised if we lost to Sack Lunch, and thinks that Kaos "could beat" us. (Wags will note that Kaos had the disc twice on double-game point against us last year at Labor Day.) And without Moses and Zip (who has played one tournament for DoG in the last two years) this weekend, what are we to do?

Kick T. Hex's ass, that's what. Damn kids today got no respect.

grumble, grumble.


Tarr said...

You're letting semi-anonymous pseudo-shit-talk on rsd raise your hackles? Are you that hard up for motivation?

parinella said...

Hey, I was on deadline. It was either this or "Random Thoughts" such as:

Did you know that you can fit 22000 discs flat on the ground that are farther from the endzone than the brick mark?

Anonymous said...

"why does everyone on rsd think we suck?"

maybe it's 'cause your (and alex's) blog is littered with posts along the theme of "back when DoG used to be good..."

c'mon, predicting a quaterfinals lost to potomac at easterns? that has to be some sort of mind game you're playing with somebody.


Alex de Frondeville said...

Hey, it's just a couple of old curmudgeons reliving past glories... Or is it?

degs said...

Suck? I don't think predicting a 4th place finish at an elite tournament means you suck. And hey, Kaos DID beat you. And you only beat Sack by 2.

Congrats on finishing 2nd. DoG looked strong.

Tarr said...

Our dastardly villain has been unmasked!

I dunno... I thought DoG looked fairly sloppy, at least compared to how I'm used to seeing them (mostly at Tune-Up the last several years). In particular, they seemed to be having trouble completing their deep strikes as consistently as they should. I wouldn't blame it on the opposition, but you could maybe blame it on the altitude.

On the other hand, they still seem to be the best team at reseting and swinging the disc. And they were the only open team that had any significant success running a zone. So there were some positive points.

By DoG standards, 4th place at Colorado Cup DOES mean you suck. Not that there's really anything wrong with sucking in August, but there it is. 4th place at Labor Day? Now that would be something.

parinella said...

By DoG standards, 4th place at Colorado Cup DOES mean you suck.
You mean, "WOULD mean". We finished 2nd.

Labor Day will be a better test. We could afford some letups at CC, but that's not going to work in Santa Cruz.

Anonymous said...

Just Curious, why isn't Dog going to Chicago this year? Is it not viewed as a "tuneup" anymore?


parinella said...

It was a team decision to go to Colorado Cup and Labor Day and to blow off Tuneup and ECC. We need to play the best to get better, and those two offered the best combination of top competition and logistic ease.

Alex de Frondeville said...

Yes. My streak of going to EVERY single tune-up since the first one in '94 will finally be broken. Not sure if there are any other players out there who have been to every single one, much less every single one with the same team.