Monday, July 25, 2005

U-S-A! U-S-A!

The US brought home the gold at the World Games. I'd be interested to hear analyses of the games, insights into what made certain teams more successful, how the males and females played together, who hooked up at the parties, etc.

The US spread out their goals thrown and caught pretty well, compared to the Aussies, who seemed to rely on Tom Rogacki (4 GC, 22 GT) and Matt Dowle (17 GC, 9 GT).

That is all.


Marshall said...

I read somewhere that the game would be broadcast (CSTV or something?). Know of any way to see it without actually paying money?

Idris said...

years ago (8 to be exact) mr. rogacki was at my house, he talked of playing a fall series in the usa one year. i think he had some injuries that sort of took him out for a bit. tom being the goal thrower these days.. just plain scary. i'm interested to hear what the team usa folks have to say about tom's game these days.

seen the pictures? ron snuck onto the medal podium.

Flo said...

tom is pretty much the complete package. great receiver, field sense, and don't forget his 90 yard flicks (against a flat mark). And all of this at 6'6---scary. Miranda would argue that he needs to improve his beer pong, but that's a different story. he couldn't outrun zip, but then who can?

his greatest between watson and namkung was out of this world (check it out at, too bad his foot was on the line when he jumped---but then, no one saw/called it.

from what I saw, he would probably be a factor of the scale of mike grant on any team in the states.