Saturday, June 04, 2005

Masters, day 1

Today was literally the second warm day of the year in the Boston area, and we had four games to 15 with 9-12 players. Big Ego Ultimate is playing in the Masters tournament at Devens this weekend, with 5 teams from all over Boston (actually, two from here, some NY guys, a team from Western Mass, and Pittsburgh). DoG is playing in Jersey, but there's no way I could have made that tournament anyway. It's so hard to get away to those random spring tournaments anymore, but back when _I_ was in my 20s, I would have gone to this with 8 guys and loved it.

I was cramping by the last game today, about the 5th time that's happened (Goaltimate II, summer league that one year where I couldn't complete a sentence after the tournament, ECC, one other). My legs started their weird twitching sometime during the third game. Lots of water, not much food or sports beverages. No sunblock. Wore a hat a little, but I can't even play softball wearing a hat. Pretty effin' stupid, in summary, especially when we had only 2 subs for the last game and a half.

Lots of old DoGs, Mooney, Alex, Dennis, Cork, Bickford, Bim, me, Whitey. Dude, we rock. 4-0 today, three wins by 15-11 or 15-12, one other game. Semis and finals tomorrow, but we had only 7 guys lined up for tomorrow as of 6:30 tonight. I think our youngest player was 36, and most are in our 40s. Cork was hoping to use this as a springboard to a fall Masters team, but it doesn't look like it will pan out.

This should be good training for me. In the old days, I would just play my way into shape by killing myself at spring tournaments, but most of them these days don't offer the opportunity to do so.

PS. Worst blog entry ever.

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Marshall said...

Not ever, just so far.

Besides which, there are blogs far more boring than yours...