Tuesday, December 02, 2008

No love for the Coop cut

This week's Huddle discussed endzone offense. I liked Wiggins' talk about using easy breaks or non-break breaks.

Ostensibly, DoG's endzone offense has always been the swing/strike regenerative offense with the 45 degree "gut cut" thrown in as an option. However, we've always had an alternate that has never really been codified. This year at Worlds, we really started going to this option a lot, and finally named it after Michael Cooper, who perfected the shoulder shimmy Coop cut.

So what is this cut? It's just a quick step to seal off the defender, and cut directly in front of the thrower, no more than 3 yards away. Break or no break, it's very easy to throw a soft pass over the marker's arm. The only way the defender could block it would be to lay out before the throw is made. The cut is ideally made from about a foot inside the endzone.

Alex and I have always preferred the cut from the front of the endzone instead of the back. As the various Huddle contributors pointed out directly or indirectly, the cut from the back is a race to the cone and good solid defense (front, keep the buffer but not too much, don't get turned) can usually stop this while tiring out the cutter. The cuts from the front rely on soft break passes or the threat of the soft break. The horizontal cut straight across the field is tough to hit only if the pass is fast.

The key to the cut is that the thrower needs to be ready to throw. If the thrower sees the cut and reacts to it, it might be too late. He doesn't have to be sitting on the throw, although he can, but his weight needs to be set so that he can immediately move to it. For this reason, I don't think I would recommend this as a default endzone offense for any team other than ours (although Frank might like it because a power move can lead to a goal).


Frank Huguenard said...

This is what we've been running called the 'power move' for about 20 years. It's pretty unstoppable and not only used for scores, but anywhere on the field.


parinella said...

The Coop cut itself doesn't really leave the receiver in a good position to throw. It's pretty much right to the cone and heading OB. Some of the other cuts from the front would indeed leave the receiver with an immediate look downfield.

Frank Huguenard said...

Once again Jim, you're proving your lack of depth. A power move cut should generally be followed by an inverted pivot leaving a multitude of throwing options, either back to the guy who threw it to you or, because the inverted pivot released the marker, for a chicken winged scoober.

Yaacov said...

Watching video of top teams scoring with the disc on the front cone and the cut coming hard to the cone across the front line, then going one step towards the break for a little scoober or high release has me wondering why top level teams don't talk to the mark to step off and take away that short break at the receiver rather than trying to block it at the thrower?

The receiver's defender doesn't have a hope of stopping that throw and the only other defender around is the mark, who can't stop a three yard flip break anyway, so why not get the mark to step back a yard or two as the cut comes across the front and become the "poach" on the break side cut?

Anonymous said...


In my opinion, taking that step off opens up throws that are just as dangerous and easier to make.

You open up the mild invert, which is a hard cut to cover while taking away the force side. Also you open up a direct swing, without losing yardage, which makes the swing's continuation throw pretty easy.

That said, if they can score with a high % on that break it makes sense to take away what they want to do, force them into something different.

Fryjol said...

Hi, I´m from Colombia, and understanding the cut is giving me problems. Anyone has a link to a video? maybe I can understand it better.

Anonymous said...

If i remember correctly, I think I saw Rhino using horizontal cuts to the force side in some highlight videos they put up a while back.

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