Saturday, August 11, 2007

ulticritic is an idiot

That is all.


$ said...

oh, the irony. and i dont' care if i'm not using it in the correct contect. so there


Frank Huguenard said...

I suppose you think I'm an idiot too, eh Jim?

Critic does have a valid point in the fact that the ulti-blogosphere has fractured on-line discussion about the game and the fact that the UPA has censored some of my posts on the so called 'revolution' blog on serves to backup his 'elitist' contention with those who govern the sport.

r.s.d., or what you've referred to as the great, unwashed masses, has become a shadow of it's former self. Most of the usual suspects are gone but the stale old discussions linger on, and on, and on....

I would have to say to Critic, having had gone down the idiot road myself in the past, tone down the angst and try not to use all CAPS, maybe someone will pay close attention enough to hear you. You do have many good points, unfortunately they are falling on deaf ears. Don't be an idiot.

Frank 'don't call me crazy' Huguenard

ps Jim, I hope and the boys from Boston will be able to participate in the upcoming "Coup de Grass" Dischoops open. It should be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

who is ulticritic?


Anonymous said...

interesting that ulticritic assumes that the only ultimate related blogs online are the ones featured in ultimatetalk.

seems like a simplistic viewpoint, perhaps he should consider using google to broaden his options

or at a bare minimum where people can submit links to stories from any blog (or content) online and the community decides what is decent or crap.

Frank Huguenard said...

I don't know, just looks like more drivel to me. But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

literally nothing.

Tarr said...

I agree that the online discourse is more "fractured" than it once was. Of course, there is much much more ulti-talk being published, so that's not really a meaningful measure.

I would turn ulticritic's criticism of the blogosphere on its head, in two ways:

1) The idea that blogs have brought the overall level of discourse down is pretty plainly false. Let's say I took for granted that between 99% and 100% of blog posts are useless drivel. How could I simultaneously argue that discussions were oh-so-much better in 2001? Because the most notable difference between then and now is the contributions of the people who are posting less and blogging more in 2007.

2) I think one of the biggest signs that our sport is not "big-time" is that people like Toad can rant like the crazy guy on the street corner, and people who actually are important in our sport feel compelled to respond to them. David Stern doesn't respond to rants on Migrating out from an unmoderated usenet board to a network of moderated blogs is a step toward forcing the critics to actually build support for their ideas before they require any response from the higher-ups.

Anonymous said...

ulticritic bio points:

-played competitive ultimate in the 1990s
-put on a few tournaments in the US but didn't have his ducks in a row for NUA push
-sported a Beatle haircut in younger years and later dreadlocks when he fell head over heals for the another popular band, Rage Against the Machine
-favorite words: "fk" and suck

Josh said...


This has nothing to do with ulticritic or rsd talk that has really been crappy of late.....

My question pertains to this:

It looks as though the UPA is toying with the idea of moving the Championships around.

Since you and Al (and George too!!!) are "older", you guys played nationals at different locations.

I was just wondering what you thought of Florida as a venue, what was the best nationals location in your opinion, and where are potential sights that you think they could be held. i.e. Could it ever be in MA (Mars location, or NE the new soccer complex (18? grass soccer fields, and a lot of nexturf soccer fields) or would it just be too cold or unpredictable (although, I think it is only stupidly windy (as in no fun to play ultimate) in the spring time in both regions).

Seattle was really nice when I went to ECC, but what is the weather like there in October, same question applies to Chicago (Tune-Up fields), Vegas (the fields were actually a lot better than i thought they would be), and Texas.... or even Columbus, Ohio.

anyway, you and Al have been in a drought, so I thought I would give you guys something to write about so I can read it at work instead of actually working.


Boston Ultimate

parinella said...

Nationals sites: it depends on when you have them.

The other limiter is fields. Cramming in Mixed (8 more fields) and Masters (6 more) nearly doubles the size requirement. While Sarasota is capable of even more fields than that (although I wonder whether other logistics are a problem, like nice condos on the beach), many sites aren't and are thus currently ruled out.

Fairness would dictate that the site moves around the country, or at least alternate between coasts. But there aren't any sites. Or at least not any sites at a reasonable cost.

But as I suggested elsewhere, a site that is an extra $20K to rent and host might be cheaper on whole for the population, if it's easier to get to. And if that site is on the West Coast, which hasn't hosted since 1999, the last true Nationals, maybe they should get the bid.

Then again, they got the logistics down in Sarasota, so a new site would have it harder.

College Nationals: 32 teams, 12 fields, 3 days, 14 hours of daylight.
Club Nationals: 60 teams, 30 fields, 4 days, 11 hours of daylight.

If you move it up, anywhere in the country is viable.

Also, we've been lucky that a hurricane has never hit. In 1998, a terrible wind and rainstorm blew through the Tampa area on Monday. I'm not sure how good a finals would have been on that day (or if anyone could score). 2-3 years ago, a hurricane passed 100 miles south a few days before and knocked out power for the week (all hotels closed). etc. I don't know what the contingency plan is.