Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fools, again

Wow, I just finished reading last year's Fools report, and I realized I hardly need to type anything in for this year, even down to the comments. In fact, I'll comment on that article first:
1. It appears that this is the first use of the phrase "huck and hope" (although it wasn't capitalized or TMed yet).
2. "This is our year"
3. "I wouldn't want to win any tournament that this team could win."
4. Funny stories on the sideline and in the beer tent still abound.

I suppose I can add some comments about this year, too.

Day 1 was about the same as the previous years, with one notable exception being that I was mentally prepared for it and so did not get depressed at not being able to run.

We were really bad throwing deep all weekend, such that once again the Indefensible would have been a terrific defensive strategy.

No warmup again this year other than before the quarters.

I was excited when I got to the fields Sunday and saw that games were to 9 with a 50 minute cap. I was going to have to leave no later than 4, which would have been sometime during the final, so I probably would have had to tank us in the semis so as not to have to miss a game, but this enabled me to be around for everything. Plus, games to 9 are short and might favor an old team. I got moving around, actually ran some lengths before the game, and broke more of a sweat then than I had all day Friday. Alas, we made a few too many turnovers and let the game drift away.

Got screwed over by the airline on the trip back, getting bumped from our flight despite being frequent flyer members and checking in nearly two hours before our flight. They couldn't put us on the next flight either and we had to wait until 2 pm the next day. Also had a two hour delay on the outbound flight, and they left our carseat at the Dulles Airport and so had to give us a loaner in Boston. I remarked to my wife that the Man really took it to us this weekend, and the only thing we got to stick to the Man was sneaking into the hotel pool after they declared it closed from 10-3 because state law required a lifeguard in their 4' deep pool. But then I managed to make a slightly longer list of sticking it to the man: 18 year old got to drink beer, we sped, I took a banana from the hotel buffet, I fed the boy a couple of pieces of fruit from the buffet. But I think the Man beat us overall.

I can't believe that the pick rule is as it was being played. If a pick happens, 12 players stop playing, but the thrower and a cutter don't, the thrower can huck it to the cutter for a goal, and it stands because it doesn't "affect the play". I can see that if the call is nearly coincidental with the throw, then the pass should stand, but there ought to be a limit of something like 2 seconds after which it goes back. There is nothing in the rules that says that the thrower has to (or even ought to) acknowledge the call, so he should examine whether something is wide open prior to acknowledging it, per the rules, some will probably say. Since the pick is intended to reduce the risk of injury, writing the rules to demand that players play on after a pick call is made seems counterproductive.

I didn't break anything, although there was a point I wanted to take something made of wood and beat it against the ground repeatedly. Unfortunately, none of the Canadians' mallets were available. Oh, yeah, I beat the Canadians in a bocce-off for the flip one game. I warned them that I was Italian, but they didn't listen.


Druski said...

Re: "There is nothing in the rules that says that the thrower has to (or even ought to) acknowledge the call":

It is actually a requirement - see XIX.F:
"When a call is made, throwers must stop play by visibly or audibly communicating the stoppage as soon as
they are aware of the call and all players should echo calls on the field."

The thrower should never be aware of a call and still looking to throw.

luke said...

my question is... how far down the food chain do you have to go before your statement: 'this point is important' receives, not laughter, but, serious, knowing looks...

the biggest thing i notice living at 3000 feet (and north, for those boulderites)... is that it is COLD here so late... at my tender age, it seems to make so much sense to me that teams should get in shape on their own, go to some fun tourneys, and get serious in late summer... but i have something like a life now, even if that life is just other things...

that sounds funny to lookout, because i'm well aware that i'm now well on my way of 5 day / week running (or more) until Nov 1... and every practice i don't scrmimmage (hopefully most, as i want the students to develop their own team dynamic that doesn't count on gigantic old guy jacking it around), some 16 year old is calling me a sissy.

funny post, jim.
alex, did your team win the co-ed division?

Katie said...

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dusty.rhodes said...


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