Thursday, May 11, 2006

Major League Ultimate

It’s about time, and I hope it works out. It sure sounds like a fun event to play in.

DoG is disrespected once again. The other three semifinalists averaged 7 players on these squads, DoG gets 1, and an over-the-hill one, at that.

Here’s an interesting take on why the Northeast will do better than expected. Pundits are already preaching that NW and SW will benefit from having so many regular teammates together. But it could be that there won’t be as much cooperation on those teams. Maybe Sockeye won’t be willing to install “their” offense because it will give away too many secrets, or they’ll install a limited version of it, neglecting some important aspects. Meanwhile, the NE will be forced to come up with a mix of offenses, no sub-group except possibly the defunct Pike will try to dominate, and everyone will just get along.

Where the hell is Tim Murray? I thought he had a post a few months ago about this event, but I don’t see his name anywhere. I should have had the foresight to blog about it too so that people would think that I had been invited but that I had to turn it down due to “commitments.” Which, of course, I did, as far as anyone knows or can prove.

(In fairness wrt the dissing, the NE is represented by 8 teams and 2.75 regions, while the NW is 3 teams and part of 1 region, so each team should have fewer representatives. Otoh, I suspect that if this had happened 10-15 years ago, the NE team would have looked much like the NW team this year, and the MA and C players would have found themselves on another team.)


Wicks said...

It has to be said. Fort is over-the-hill? What does that make you?

Anyway, I am pretty sure at least a couple of other DoGs were invited but could not make it. Zip, for example, will be out of the country.

Interesting that Jam is placed in the SW, presumably because so many Seattle and Vancouver guys can make it easily to Potlatch. Note also that the Kubalanza Tour continues on to Vancouver this season.

Seamus said...

re: your take on factionalism and strategy--

Your theory is pretty attractive, but I think any of its merits will be shared by the NW teams as a neccessity of the format. Specifically, that this MLU tourney is a testing ground for refs and corresponding 'streamlined rules.' With this as a pretty looming shadow, I'm guessing even the NW team will use a pretty simplified offense, in which case the athleticism and experience playing together will still give the NW the edge more often than not, with the SW close behind.

Anonymous said...

Who on DoG deserves to be on the team beyond Fortch and Zip? Who would you throw in there with the NE, Jim? Obviously besides yourself and Alex, who are clearly an oversight on the part of the team manager.

sometallskinnykid said...

I told them they had to take you and me both or neither.

I guess they took neither.

Alex de Frondeville said...

Always love the guys who post stuff like that anonymously. C'mon, step up to the plate and pack your trash. Jim, I'm surprised you even allow the anonymous riff-raff in, although I guess it boosts your comments. My window, infinitesimal if it ever even existed, closed a long time ago, although I'm playing more consistently, if less 'huck and hope' now...

parinella said...

Well, anonymous, if that is your real name, my recommendation when I spoke with Toad each of several times over the past few years about this was to take the entire 1994 DoG team minus Joel. He always responded with something about how NYNY was better.

Matt Hims or Funboy would have been worthy additions from DoG.

I would have expected Jeff Graham from Twisted to have been invited, and perhaps he was.

I don't even recognize some of the names, and can't put faces to some of the other names (and I suspect one or two of those are just made up ones; "Idris" is not a real name, thank you).

Overall, the teams are heavy on the big play offensive guys and less so on defenders and boring players (although they are there). But that, too, makes sense, if you're trying to sell a product of exciting ultimate.

Oh, it seems that Murray is caught in another lie, and that Jeff G was invited. Check out the original rsd thread again.

Barrett said...

As to who else from DoG- judging from other teams' picks, just about any starting O player, so include e.g., Doug, Kelvin, Sam (in addition to JP and AdF). Matt or Fun make sense, too.

The real lesson from these choices and comments, though, must be that Ted Munter has to be the Major League coach (in addition to World Games gold medalist) -- no other team in the country even approached the job of overachieving DoG did, while several others severely underachieved/tanked in 2005. I'd say DoG was fortunate just to be in Sarasota.