Wednesday, December 21, 2005

New Hall of Fame inductees announced

Check it out on rsd and on the UPA site.

Congrats and thanks to Contributors Sholom (Eric) Simon and Kathy Pufahl, Players Jon "JC" Cohn, Jim Herrick and Kelly Green, and Special Merit inductees Joel Silver, Buzzy Hellring, and Jonny Hines.

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for the press release.


David Raflo said...

I was very pleased to see Sholom (Eric) Simon included in this class of inductees to the Hall. I played my first club tournament with him at a Cuervo Qualifier back in 93 and again in the early days of UPA coed (it was called coed back then) competition with Blind Date. Beyond his example as a player, I came to know of the incredible work that Sholom has done for ultimate over the last 30 years or so. He has and continues to inspire my own volunteer efforts. Thank you, Sholom (if you are reading this) and congratulations.

Jim, you worked with Sholom on the Board. Jim, who inspired you in ultimate (off the field as well as on)?

luke said...

i think jim's model was a cross between mickey mantle and lynn swann.

there needs to be an obvious link to the hall of fame at

oh, yeah. check out ultimate talk.

and another thing. those stupid graphical login checks. 4/9 times, i can't tell what the l is.

Anonymous said...

jimmy herrick is the greatest frisbee player of all time. anyone else ever win ultimate nationals and an individual all-around title?


parinella said...

There is a page for the Hall of Fame on the UPA site, but it hasn't been updated yet. For that matter, there is no mention at of this year's Farricker Award or Pufahl Award. C'mon, UPA.

BK said...

Jim, who do you think will be the first player from the DoG championship teams to be inducted?

parinella said...

I think it almost has to be Mooney, if for no other reason than he's so much damn older than the rest of us. The only thing that would prevent that would his still being the Alumni Director (and thus a member of the HOF Committee).

I'm going to make a new entry to talk about this in more detail.

parinella said...

And wow, Paul Sackley makes an appearance.

It's a fair question as to whether an individual all-around title is relevant to an ultimate player's qualifications for the Ultimate Hall of Fame. It's probably just a very small supporting piece of information, something that tells you that this player was probably a little better ultimate player because of the skills needed for that title.